The lead destroyer escort of the Dealey (DE-1006) class was authorized in FY1952. DE-1014 and 1015 followed in FY1953, DE-1021 and 1022 in FY1954, and DE-1023 thru 1030 in FY1955 for a total of thirteen ships. These were commissioned in the US Navy 1954-58. DE-1039, 1042, and 1046 of this design were authorized as offshore procurements for the Portugese Navy, DE-1007 thru 1013 and 1016 thru 1019 were offshore procurements for the French Navy, and DE-1020 for the Italian Navy; all built in foreign shipyards to the DE-1006 specification. A total of fifteen offshore procurements were built.

These were the first escort ships built for the US Navy following World War II. They were to carry a Mk17 Hedgehog launcher which utilized a 5-inch/38 mounting and carried 61 rounds but this program was cancelled. Dealey (DE-1006) was fitted with "Squid", a British ASW weapon, in 1954 but this weapon was found unsuitable and was removed. These ships were slightly faster and larger than their Second World War predecessors. They were fitted with the newer Mk33 3-inch guns in twin mounts, the Weapon "Alpha" ASW rocket, one depth charge rack and six depth charge projectors. They were later modernized; the Weapon Alpha and depth charge equipment was removed and replaced with the Mk112 ASROC 8-tube anti-submarine rocket launcher which could fire a nuclear tipped depth charge or encapsulated Mk46 torpedo, and two triple Mk32 torpedo mounts which could fire the Mk46 lightweight homing torpedo.

Their service life was short, on average fifteen years; the class was decommissioned 1972-73 after introduction of the Knox (DE-1052) class frigates which were much larger and more capable. The inability of this class to carry ASW helicopters contributed to their early retirement. Dealey (DE-1006) was transferred to Uruguay and Hartley (DE-1029) to Columbia in July 1972. The remainder were sold for scrap.

The following ships comprised the Dealey Class:

  • 1006 DEALEY
  • 1014 CROMWELL
  • 1021 COURTNEY
  • 1022 LESTER
  • 1023 EVANS
  • 1024 BRIDGET
  • 1025 BAUER
  • 1026 HOOPER
  • 1027 JOHN WILLIS
  • 1028 VAN VOORHIS
  • 1029 HARTLEY

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