Four Claude Jones (DE-1033) class destroyer escorts were approved in the FY1955-56 programs. Conceived as an ocean escort that could be produced In large numbers incorporating a decades worth of technological improvements gained since the end of World War II, they joined the US Navy 1959-60.

The upper deck arrangement was modified from the Dealey (DE-1006) class and improved electronic detection equipment was fitted. Intended primarily for convoy escort, they had a range of 7,000 nautical miles at 12 knots on four diesel engines, a signficant improvement over their predecessors. Two hedgehog projects were mounted forward and new Mk32 torpedo launchers amidships. Depth charges were retained on the stern, later removed. Two 3-inch/50 DP guns were mounted (one forward, one aft).

The entire class was decommissioned 1973-74 and sold to Indonesia where they were still active as of March 2002.

The following ships comprised the Claude Jones Class:

  • 1033 CLAUD JONES
  • 1034 JOHN R PERRY
  • 1036 McMORRIS

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