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This website endeavors to provide a comprehensive online data-warehouse through which crew members of the USS Badger DE/FF-1071 can access specific information about the ship, the crew, its history and other more general information regarding “Frigates of the Era” and the US Navy. This site also endeavors to facilitate a dynamic and interactive online environment to afford crew members the opportunity to reestablish communications with fellow shipmates, organize reunions, peruse photographic memorabilia, exchange sea-stories and/or simply enjoy the many other features this site has to offer!

  • Remain steadfast in availability.
  • Provide a common location to list contact information.
  • Collect, database and make available photographic memorabilia of the ship and her crew.
  • Expand and improve features & ideas offered by this site.
  • Expand upon these objectives in a way that upholds the very best interests of this site.



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