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This site is offered as a testimony to both the USS Badger DE/FF-1071 and all the men who served aboard her.

Although this site primarily databases information about USS Badger DE/FF1071, information regarding other Frigates of the era is also provided. This information is located on the Frigates informational page. I have also captured information regarding the Navy's "first of the frigates" in the scrapbook which can be selected from the menu-bar above. You'll find that the scrapbook also contains information on an assortment of other items including but not limited to: miscellaneous naval topics, naval poems, prayers and hymns, nautical knots, ship classification symbols, US Naval arsenal and Recollections of Stephen A. Hoagland, a shipmate who served aboard the USS George E. Badger DD-196. These recollections were posted at the request of his son, Stephen Hoagland Jr.

There is a purpose behind the site's elemental design and the "keep it simple" approach employed in the coding. The site is mainly comprised of HTML, CSS, java-script and PHP. I used PHP statements to include the header, side-menu and footer into each of the 60+ pages. The exceptions to this schema are the full blown web applications written for specific purposes, i.e., the Gallery, Scrapbook and Guestbook.

Any consistent bugs, broken links, etc., should be reported by selecting "Contact Me" in the side-menu to the left.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. If you have any questions and/or suggestions please feel free to submit them using the "Contact Me " option.

USS Badger has no official affiliations whatsoever to the US Navy, the US Department of Defense or any other governmental or commercial agencies and/or entities.

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