Establishing Authority

The Rifle Marksmanship Medal was established on October 14, 1969, by Secretary of the Navy John H. Chafee when he re-designated the ribbon to the Expert Rifleman Medal to permit marksman and sharpshooters to wear the ribbon for qualifying below the expert level.

Effective Dates

The Rifle Marksmanship ribbon has been in effect since October 14, 1969.


The Rifle Marksmanship ribbon is worn for scoring at the marksman, sharpshooter or expert level of qualification on a prescribed course of fire for the rifle.

Order of Precedence

The Rifle Marksmanship ribbon is worn after the Distinguished Marksman and Pistol Shot ribbon and before the Pistol Marks-manship ribbon.


Qualification at the marksman level entitles the individual to wear the ribbon without device.

Qualification at the sharpshooter level is indicated by a silver letter "S"

Qualification at the Expert level is indicated by a silver "E" on the ribbon.